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Unlock LinkedIn is developing revenue strategies based on data on how B2B buyers buy in 2023 and beyond. Since buyers nowadays research, discover and buy independently, we know that demand generation is the only strategy marketing strategy that allows to create competitive advantages. We involve social selling teams on LinkedIn to increase conversion rates and realize unseen synergies between marketing and sales teams.


C-level view:

Generate 2x more revenue from deploying custom-centric marketing and (social) sales tactics


Sales view:

Generate 2x more leads that convert to opportunities with Social Selling.


Marketing view:

Achieve 10x views/impressions and engagement with your content. Build your brand with customer-centric content.


Content Marketing & Sales Enablement view:

Produce a never-ending stream of customer-focused content (video, audio, text) and achieve higher engagements with a
community-driven strategy.

our cause

we are here
because there is:

No Demand Generation

Professional service companies do not generate demand and consequently no sustainable sales pipeline from LinkedIn.

Weak Lead Generation

Professional service companies do not generate demand and consequently no sustainable sales pipeline from LinkedIn.

Low Conversion Rates

Lead-to-meeting and lead-to-deal conversion rates are low, which lead to skyrocketing customer acquisition cost (CAC) and underperforming sales teams, that are often

Root Cause Analysis

Why businesses are falling short on creating a sustainable sales pipeline on social media?

Wrong Strategies

Strategies are geared towards chasing customers vs. educating them.

Poor Content

Marketing produces content that is not creating true demand, because it is not customer-centric

Chasing Dead Leads

Sales fights uphill battles chasing dead leads that have no real purchasing intent


Sales outreach tactics and meetings are not convincing, because they miss social selling skills.


Marketing and Sales follow their own metrics and incentives, which can be fulfilled but miss out in creating true synergies.


Switching to a revenue strategy will take up to 6 months to see full results.

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2023 buying journeys

how do clients buy?

Marketing and sales teams have not adapted to how your clients buy in 2023. Now how do they buy?


of a typical buying journey is spent with meeting Sales Reps.


of a typical buying journey is spent with meeting people from the vendor organization in general.


of the time it takes to make a purchase decision is spent on activities outside of meetings with the vendor.

driven by passion

Our team

Our team is unlike any other marketing or social media agency. Because we’re doing things a little differently. We prioritize strategy, execution, and experimentation in all we do. We are a team with diverse skill sets in marketing, social media, training, B2B, sales, tech, and other disciplines. We have a passion for social media, which is why our second life takes place on LinkedIn.

Moritz Spangenberg

Moritz Spangenberg

CEO & Founder

Anja Seeliger

Anja Seeliger

Director LinkedIn Marketing

Daniel Reis

Daniel Reis

Graphic Design

Lakshmi Gopal

Lakshmi Gopal

LinkedIn Marketing

Daniil Belazovschi

Daniil Belazovschi

Web Development

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